Royal Priesthood Chapel Wellness Center Sanctuary  

12 minutes Christian Relaxation Meditation and self help chakra natural healing

Hear the Mystical sound of Nurse Music from China.
To Nurse your Spirit ,Mind and Body Positively
Simple Exercises for Spiritual Mentorship and Deep Relaxation.
By Chaplain Dr Wycliffe Tyson N.D., C.Ht.
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Chaplain Dr Wycliffe Tyson
6941 Bay Drive #A-6
Miami Beach , FL. 33141,USA

Visit often to experience wholeness and well being that comes from God.Enter deep relaxation christian meditation by the encouraging , positive sounds of relaxing music and soothing inspiring words to praise the Creator, help relieve stress, anxiety , transform your health and open your love for humanity and God everytime you listen.

A Gift
By wycliffe tyson

A gift is your treasure from the invisible
It manifest itself in forms of talent and creativity.
What is unique to you,is your gift.
To receive honor, fame, wealth,
May not always come with the package,
But by using your gift to bless someone,
Is your beacon of light to this world.

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